What We Do

We are leading consulting firm
specializing in Stock Market investment.

Wowing you for your knowledge about being thorough with the highs and lows of the financial market is what we eye while creating and nurturing 192Trade for the masses.

As a financial portal cum trading game, 192Trade tests your capabilities to forecast the fate of a specific currency and bid on the future of the same with real money. Available across multiple platforms, 192Trade doesn't only cater users an opportunity to win big but also feels proud to present itself as a source for financial information on the web.

In a nutshell, 192Trade offers an appealing environment for users who wish to reap the likes of trading and gaming under one roof. As a company, using the remarkably realistic and engaging platform, we are swiftly and strongly paving a way towards a huge organic global audience.

And while we periodically change and evolve, we look forward to carrying the passion to emerge our best and thrill you with content that, again, wows you invariably.